Kudos Rufus!

June 17, 2006

Photo of Rufus Wainwright by Daniel Shiplacoff

Photo by Daniel Shiplacoff

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Little_Sisters June 26, 2006 at 9:32 am

Do you really think Rufus needs a vocal coach ??? He needs a teacher to write music; he needs a vocal coach; he needs a choreographer — according to you, Rufus is a TOTAL DISASTER !!! I don´t understand why you are trying to write a book about a so average and frustrating singer?/songwriter? or whatever you think he is.

By the way most of the people who went to his shows don´t expect to see him dancing and doing stupid choreography. People wants to hear him sing. People who want to see singers dance should go to the Ricky Martin, Justin Timberlike or Britney Spears shows. Rufus DOESN´T NEED TO dance. Crooners don´t dance, only banal and stupid prefab pop-stars or broadway stars do it. Judy was an actress and dancer for years, so she has lot of advantage in this matter … but nobody who knows Rufus expected to see elaborate choreography.
Good Luck and Good Night

Roger Bourland June 26, 2006 at 9:48 am

I’m sorry if you thought my constructive criticism to be THAT strong. Yes, I think Rufus needs composition lessons. Could he continue without them? Yes, because he has a large amount of musical repertoire to draw from, he won’t likely keep rewriting the same one or two songs.

Yes, I think Rufus should invest in a good vocal coach. Most professional singers have one.

Does he need choreography lessons? No, unless he really wants them.

My primary interest in Rufus Wainwright is his songs. His voice is of secondary interest, even though I happen to like it quite a lot.

You’re right, I wouldn’t be spending my time writing about, talking to others about, and listening to Rufus if I wasn’t crazy about his music. Prescribing lessons is not tantamount to saying that someone does not have talent.

Thank you for your excellent comments!

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