Flute playing by WF-4RII (“Flight of the Bumblebee”)

October 10, 2006

robotlips.jpgCheck this out: here is a robot made by Takanishi Laboratories made to play the flute. S/He even has lungs. And lips, if you can call them that. And, well, there are all these other robot parts that if you are in the in-crowd in robotsville, you know what they mean (“5-DOF” means lips in robotspeak I gather).

May I stand back and say THIS IS REALLY SCARY. Musicians: you can be replaced by these robot/musicians. Holy cow. It could actually happen. And then COMPOSERS will rule the world!!

A ha ha ha aha ha haaaaaaaaaaa!

[qt:/v2/assets/Bumblebee.mpg /blog/wp-content/uploads/2006/10/flightposter.mov 320 256]

I really like his hat. Do you think it’s actually READING music? You have to admit, the last three notes really suck.
[Quicktime required to view this video.]

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