The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain: Smells Like Teen Spirit

November 11, 2006

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Fairyboy69 November 14, 2006 at 12:49 pm

I’d never have believed it if I hadn’t heard it, but that’s not nearly as bad as I feared… 😉

Recently I came across the Pansy Division version, Smells Like Queer Spirit (yeah, it’s been around for a while, but it’s not really my type of music so these things tend to filter through more slowly). The only problem is how to get that “Hello, hello, hello homo” out of my mind…

Against all odds, we appear
Grew up brainwashed,
But turned out queer
Bunsplitters, regmunchers too
We screw just how we want to screw

Hello, hello, hello, homo (x4)

With the lights out, it’s advantageous
Here we are now, so fellate us
Roll it on now, lubricate us
Get us off now, ejaculate us
Play Fugazi, play Repeater
River Phoenix wearing speedos
Yeah, Queer!

Irreverent and in your face
Attacking preachers spewing hate
I’d love to puncture their balloons
Spray silly string around their rooms
The world’s a mess, but for awhile

We lick and suck and feel fine
I find it hard, that’s nice to find
Forget the closet, never mind
No denial, Jesse Helms on trial

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