In case of emergency…

December 10, 2006


Airlines are required by law to demonstrate all of the life saving devices on the aircraft before take-off, in case of emergency. If you are only flying over land, it is of little consolation that the cushion under my seat can be a flotation device.

I’ve noticed that religions do not espouse an “in case of emergency” option. None of them ever say “in case what we are putting forth as a religion is ultimately not true, here is how you might want to look at the universe.”

I was raised a Christian and the notion of an afterlife was always there, even though my theology changed from year to year. I lived my life “knowing” that there is an afterlife. “Knowing” meaning believing. I never learned how to live life as though there were no afterlife. It seems that a good religion should take a few clues from the airline industry in its “in case of emergency” warnings.

I suppose the difference is that airlines can get sued by survivors of a plane crash, but religions don’t.

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Mark Carlson December 13, 2006 at 11:34 am

One could make a good case for the impact on how you live your life being exactly the same: 1) I want to live my life in the best possible way so that I can fully enjoy the afterlife (whatever it might be); 2) I want to live my life in the best possible way, because this is all there is and I need to get everything out of life while I can.

I’m always amazed at fundamentalists who are so adamant that belief in a god/afterlife is essential to living a moral life. Since I see many fundamentalists of whatever religion doing things I consider to be highly immoral and destructive, as well as know atheists who are highly moral in their behavior, I just don’t see the connection at all.

Roger Bourland December 14, 2006 at 10:33 am

I like that thought Mark. I wish religions would have the courage to offer up those words of wisdom!

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