Kingston Trio: Greenback Dollar

May 9, 2007

This a song a cut my teeth on as a young guitar player in the early ’60s. And they actually said DAMN! I felt so naughty singing that word. That cool e minor guitar vamp at the beginning. Mmmm mm. So cool.

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Brad Wood May 9, 2007 at 11:22 pm

The “From the Hungry I” (I remember the LP as The K.T. live at The H. I) was an album in the house that I found most amusing. I can still sing the Merry Little Minuet (“They’re rioting in Africa (whistling) They’re starving in Spain (whistling) there’s [sic] hurricanes in Florida (whistling) and Texas needs rain”) (u.s.w.)

“But we can be thankful and tranquil and proud, that Man’s been endowed with a mushroom-shaped cloud…”

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