Cute and ugly composers

May 16, 2007

Tonight I entertain a serious issue: who were the most handsome (dead) composers, and who are the ugliest ones? Better yet, let’s be specific:

Who was the cutest (dead) composer?


Henry Cowell

Who were the most handsome (dead) composers in their youth?


Schubert and Paderewski

Who were the most handsome (dead) composers?


Busoni and Bernstein

Who was the geekiest young (dead) composer?


Gershwin, Liszt and Griffes

Who was the tallest (dead) composer? and who was the scariest looking (dead) composer?


Alban Berg (with Webern); Moondog

Who was the ugliest (dead) composer?



And finally, who was the oddest looking senior (dead) composer?



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aworks May 16, 2007 at 7:45 pm

At the end of a post on Cowell, I said his picture was “captivating.”

But as Cowell got older, he started to resemble that photo of Sibelius. This leads me to seek out the young Sibelius.

Are these before and after photos even the same people? Yikes.

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