Ravel quits, Berlioz returns

May 22, 2007

Cher Hector,

My true nature as a hermit coupled with Rufus Wainwright’s hectic touring schedule has led me to the conclusion that I am not the right teacher for him. i am happy to hear that your opium habit is now in the past and would like you to reconsider taking him back as you have clearly done a great job thus far. And, I must confess, I have a very hard time being around him as I am so, so attracted to him. I wish I had a real body so that I could touch him, and that desire gets in the way. So, I am fated to stay here in purgatory, loner that I am. I know the gods wanted me to deal with my refusal to teach my craft, but I will have to try it out on someone else, someone not gay, not cute, not distracting to me.

Please send my love to Harriet, and do send me via cloud-mail, your latest piano piece. I can’t believe that you have taken up piano composition!

Je t’embrace,


[Painting: Harvey Dunn, “Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique” (1918) ]

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Bosie88 May 22, 2007 at 2:42 pm

Would love to know what Messrs. Ravel and Berlioz (or even cranky Mr. Ives) think about Rufus’ new opus. I suppose it’s unrealistic to expect the dizzying creative heights of “Poses” and “Want 2” to continue forever, but this new collection strikes me as rather banal and tame, despite all the noise. Brings back memories of the letdown over kd lang’s “All You Can Eat” after “Absolute Torch & Twang” and “Ingenue” in the ‘90s. I have to admit, after being bored out of my mind during the Judy Garland fiasco at Carnegie Hall last June (come on Rufus, can’t you make any of these songs your own or are you just going to bellow away like a foghorn all night?), this new effort is starting to make me think that he’s losing his way in his desire for mass acceptance and popularity. Hope I’m wrong.

Have enjoyed and learned a lot from your blog the past year. Many thanks. I am forever indebted to you for my introduction to Hendrick’s gin!

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