Ravel quits, Berlioz returns

May 22, 2007

Cher Hector,

My true nature as a hermit coupled with Rufus Wainwright’s hectic touring schedule has led me to the conclusion that I am not the right teacher for him. i am happy to hear that your opium habit is now in the past and would like you to reconsider taking him back as you have clearly done a great job thus far. And, I must confess, I have a very hard time being around him as I am so, so attracted to him. I wish I had a real body so that I could touch him, and that desire gets in the way. So, I am fated to stay here in purgatory, loner that I am. I know the gods wanted me to deal with my refusal to teach my craft, but I will have to try it out on someone else, someone not gay, not cute, not distracting to me.

Please send my love to Harriet, and do send me via cloud-mail, your latest piano piece. I can’t believe that you have taken up piano composition!

Je t’embrace,


[Painting: Harvey Dunn, “Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique” (1918) ]

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