Musical walls

June 11, 2007


“I only listen to praise music. I feel most in touch with God when I listen to it. My body and soul feel exhiliarated…”

“I only listen to music on the radio–whatever is on the radio. I mean, do you wanna know what station I listen to? Oh. Well, it’s kinda indies meets oldies.”

“I don’t like music. I don’t own any, and when it is playing in a room, I choose to not listen to it. Music is simply annoying.”

“The only true contemporary music is largely in Europe. Sadly, America only has Elliott Carter to boast about, and I’ll grant them credit for him. Otherwise I find American contemporary classical music derivative, retrogressive, conservative, and simply uninteresting. I try to avoid confessing this publicly but it IS what I think.”

“The only real music is country music. That’s GOD’S music. Everythang else is just shit.”

“Music today is so overproduced. There is nothing out these days that’s any good.”

“I like nice music. I work all week and have enough stress in my life, so I don’t need to come to concerts and here all that gosh darn squeak squawk jibberish. Give me something with a melody.”

“Classical music really stopped after Mahler you know. And I’m being generous. Everything after Stravinsky is, well, need I say more? It’s just nonsense music. Anti-music. And so-called popular music is simply AWful. Dreadful. Just barbaric. That’s why I stay home these days.”

“I only go to clubs. I listen to dance music all day long. It’s like, ya know, taking a little part of the club to work on my iPod. Sometimes I like totally break into a sweat imagining myself dancing with Kevin at the club. Sigh…”

“I listen to music from the 50s and 60s. There ain’t nothin’ better since then. Tell me one song that’s better ‘n’ anything from that time. I know it all. All the words, all the names of the groups, hell, I can even tell you where I was when i first heard it!”

[Photograph from Your Friend in Paris of Place de Marcel-Aymé.]

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Brad Wood June 11, 2007 at 10:07 pm

My name-witheld boyhood best friend, and, bless him, instigator of the earliest and quite terrifying errr experiments, went through a phase where he thought that about any harmonic advance beyond very selectively winnowed early Classical style was “noise”. I remember when we were listening to the Brahms 2nd piano concerto, and in the last movement came the prolonged V chord with the added 9th, and predictably he proclaimed “NOISE!!”.

His older brother Denis, who has since become a noted philosopher, was rather more adventurous, and introduced us to such delights as the Ives 2nd sonata. It’s fun to read the liner notes for the recording he had, the one done by Aloys Kontarsky, if memory serves on the long-gone TIME label. It has some very snide Eurocentric-avant-garde remarks. I think it’s about the worst of the recorded Concords, but even at that the music comes through.

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