The Carignan grape

September 11, 2007

Some of my favorite Spanish wines included a grape that I hadn’t known: CariƱena, which in Catalunya is called Samso. If you find this in a blend, try it out. I have no idea whether this wine makes it out to California, but I will keep my eyes open for it. The Wine Info Site provided this information:


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Brad Wood September 11, 2007 at 5:24 pm

Whole Foods was closing out a bunch of wines at one location they were about to vacate a few years ago, and there was some Carignane with a few years of age on it, from Cline (whose Mourvedre I had loved) that I tried and then scooped up the remainder. Yum yum—all drunk up now, but I suspect they and a few others are still making it.

See (note the slightly altered spelling).

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