Rufus Wainwright’s 1995 Demo cassette

October 16, 2007


What a cool find! Joop, of Rufus Wainwright Message Board fame, found a copy of Rufus’s first collection of songs: a cassette that his father aggressively passed out to people to help out his son. Here is the playlist:

Side A
01) Foolish Love
02) Heart Like A Highway (previously known as That Night)
03) Money Song (previously known as The Money Song)
04) Danny Boy

Side B
01) Beauty Mark
02) Damned Ladies
03) Liberty Cabbage
04) Ashes
05) Matinee Idol

Here is a poor quality reproduction of a BBC video of young Rufus singing one of those “old” songs, “Foolish Love.”

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Hyperufusensitive August 25, 2008 at 4:28 am

And great songs they are, sung with that very sweet young Rufus voice… The Money Song and That Night were already faves of mine but lately I’ve come to adore Ashes with its lovely poetic lyrics!

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