Fetching the ball I threw

November 5, 2007


Cody started figuring out that he could sit out fetching the ball. He’d just sit and watch Giaco race down the driveway, retrieve the ball, and dash back to give it back so that I would throw it again. If I would give Cody grief by saying “Cody! Go get the ball!” He’ll just turn his head to look up in the trees to see whether there were a squirrel to bark at. No coaxing could get him to fetch the ball unless HE felt like it.

Then I realized that I, as pack leader, was standing there watching Giaco, and Cody was just copying me. My solution was that I must also fetch the ball. So, we all RUUUUUUNNNNN down the driveway, Giaco gets the ball (that IS his job), we AAAALLLLLL run back. I take the ball, throw it again, and we all do that until we get pooped, er, tired. Good cardio for both species!

[Photo: Giaco Sleeps by Roger Bourland]

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ComposerBastard November 5, 2007 at 7:49 pm

isnt this so much more fun than composing?

I’d rather chase a ball any ol’ day than do about most anything !

Roger Bourland November 6, 2007 at 8:42 am

I have no choice. Every day around 3 the two dogs appear. They stare, do the silent whine, then put their heads on my lap and look up at me saying “Don’t you want to throw the ball for us? You KNOW you do!” And have to stop working and obey…

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