Monty Python: Every sperm is sacred

March 3, 2008

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Brad Wood March 5, 2008 at 12:50 am

One of my favorites.

I made the great mistake of attributing a significant portion of the overpopulation problem to the doctrines of the Catholic Church, at a dinner party populated by (it turned out) mostly German Catholics. Hans was quick to point out that (a) they had “ways” of preventing issue when they copulated, despite the ostensible violations of the precepts, and that (b) in the case of some gentlemen of Hispanic descent, it was not so much the Church, but certain cultural mores that required the male to clearly demonstrate his copious fertility by having a brood of manifest plurality (and “one in the oven”).

Clearly On a Roll as I was at that point, as Hoffnung says relating the saga of the bricklayer, I must have lost my presence of mind. I decided to talk about how much I enjoyed the cinematic comedy “Top Secret!”

This ├╝berslapstick spoof of spy movies, starring the engagingly youthful goofy-role-period Val Kilmer, features extensive gags around German stereotypes. Utterly hilarious to me, each episode I related got stares and sullen silence. As Vonnegut has his perennial character Francine Pefko say, in Cat’s Cradle, I ransacked my mind for something to say…and finally came up with the Latin cliches recited by the solemn priest (…Veni, Vidi, Vici,.. quid pro quo…Mitzi Gaynor ad nauseam…) as he is walking with Nick Rivers on his way to the presumptive electrocution.

This got hearty laughs all around, and I lived to quaff Rielsing and eat Strudel another day.

Broughton piece tonight was kickass, btw, but I know you are under deadline pressure Roger ­čśë

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