Flying Burrito Bros: Christine’s Tune

March 19, 2008


What a find! An historically interesting lipsync performance of “Christine’s Tune” by Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman on the Flying Burrito Brothers first album. Gram is very silly (or drunk) in this video and Chris is having a great time. We see the infamous Sneaky Pete Kleinow on steel guitar, as well as Chris Ethridge on bass, and the very cute but drunk Mike Clark on drums (he claimed late in life that he was always drunk in these days). The clothes they are wearing are all Nudie designs and seen on the cover of the first album (pic above was from the same session).

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PK March 19, 2008 at 3:07 pm

I remember going to see them at a club (called Stonehenge, I think) in Ipswich, MA, the winter of 70-71. Although Christine’s Tune was my favorite off the album, everyone else there, as far as I could tell, was there to hear there version of the Jagger/Richards song Wild Horse’s which they released before the stones did. I was enthralled by Sneaky Pete and his pedal steel, and have had a life long desire to get one, ever since (having tried to play one once or twice, where you need to coordinate knees, hands and feet, I could tell it would be a bear for my uncoordinated self). Thanks for this joyful flashback.

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