Solo performances on bluetooth headsets

April 6, 2008

Here is a brilliant comeback by Larry David for those moments where you are trapped with someone shouting into a bluetooth headset, oblivious that s/he is annoying everyone.

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Brad Wood April 6, 2008 at 12:54 pm

That’s quite wonderful, and I may be bold enough to try it sometime.

There was an egregiously rude cellphone user at a Tierney Sutton Band set at The Vic. If you’ve ever been there you know this is a small and intimate setting. This woman actually took a call and was chatting away right in the middle of a tune. About three of us began to rise (a bit like the old show To Tell The Truth, where they ask the real person finally to stand up, and there are some fake-outs), but the one closest confronted the woman. She was gently but firmly moved to the rear of the club, where she could be heard exclaiming about our intolerance.

Had I been the one to confront her I may well have taken the phone and said OOOPS and dropped it into a nearby ice bucket.

Larry talking to himself reminds me of a favorite old Gahan Wilson New Yorker cartoon, from the rather early days of mobile phones. A marvelously deranged-looking character is walking with a fragment of a telephone at his ear, talking loudly to himself about how great the advent of these gadgets was, as he now could get away with his hitherto socially unacceptable behavior.

What is it about cells that makes people think they have to speak so loudly? Engineers have labored long to achieve a wide dynamic range and high overload threshold within the automatic gain controls. But somehow most everyone believes they have to practically shout, as if this would somehow make the transmitted signal stronger.

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