Homer in Cyberspace: We Mustered Out

July 30, 2008


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“We Mustered Out” from HOMER IN CYBERSPACE

Music by Roger Bourland
Lyrics by Mel Shapiro

We Mustered Out

Sung by all the soldiers

We mustered out
With a roar and a shout
“Get outta my way,
I got ten years back pay”

I’m practically rich
With the dough and the loot
Stuck in an old boot
A few treasures in there
For my sweetie to wear.

We mustered out
With a roar and a shout
“Get outta my way
This is finally my day”

I gotta practice not limping so much
The last thing I need is anyone’s pity
What I cant see, I’ll find by touch
There’s gotta be a rehab in my city

I’m practically rich
Gonna have me some fun
Cause ten years war is won
That was one if ever there was one
To be won , to be won.

A bunch of us waiting at the dock
Waiting to go home on anything that sails
Anything’ll do
A life raft or an old canoe
When we hear….

O enters

What a bunch of beat up old war dogs.

(The men bark and laugh)

G’day, general.

I’m proud of everyone of you
Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

How about hopping a ride?


Hey sure
I got plenty of room inside.
Where we going?

South Ionia

Come on, all on my way

Is the ride free, sir?

Sure, it’s what’s called soldier’s pay.

They all laugh


We mustered out
With a roar and a shout
And we’re going home
Say it: home,
Remember it: home
Sing it loud and clear: home.

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