Good music at UCLA

February 13, 2009

Two nights ago, I had the privilege of hearing the “We’re not the UCLA Faculty String Quartet, String Quartet” perform with selected students at a private fundraiser for the new FRIENDS OF STRINGS at UCLA. Oh My God! They sounded amazing. What a joy to have such talent as colleagues and students. Their’s was the best performance of the Ravel String Quartet I’ve ever heard.

Tonight I get to hear Opera UCLA perform The Marriage of Figaro, and I’ll be going with our viola teacher, Richard O’Neill. And in case you haven’t heard of him, here’s a video.

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Brad Wood February 13, 2009 at 12:42 pm

At a Pacific Serenades donors and composers/performer’s garden party hosted last year by a very generous couple (a totally class act with valet parking, wonderful food and Morgan Pinot Noir [!] among other things), a UCLA student quartet performed a fragment of a commissioned piece with Gary Gray, then followed with the first movement of the Schubert #14. It was thrilling, and I very much wanted to hear them do the rest of the piece. Of course things were winding up and this was out of the question. As well, when I congratulated them afterwards, they said they hadn’t even finished practicing the rest of the piece as yet.

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