Bourland choral music: Dickinson Madrigals Bk2 (1983)

July 2, 2009

Dickinson Madrigals, Book 2 (1983)
1. I think I was enchanted
2. A solemn thing
3. Cocoon
4. Wild Nights!
5. The Robin

Music: Roger Bourland
Poetry: Emily Dickinson
Published by ECS Publishing, Boston
Kenneth Seitz conducts the Cambridge Chorale (1983)

This set was commissioned by Kenneth Seitz and the Cambridge Chorale and stylistically picks up where Book 1 left off. Most of the “madrigals” are in ABA or ABCA, with a repeat of the opening material. All my roots show in this one. As I was about to move to LA to take a new post at UCLA, it was my last appearance as a Composer in Red Sneaker, after which, they hoisted my sneakers to the rafters in Sanders Theater.

RB @ 1918 Beacon St Boston

RB @ 1918 Beacon St Boston

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