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January 2, 2010

I look at my wall of books, and my wall of LPs, and my rack of CDs, and my drawers of VHS tapes, and my shelf of DVDs and am staggered by how much time it would take to read, watch, or listen to all of my amassed media. I wonder whether there really is enough time in the rest of my life to read/view them all again. It’s not that I will need to actually revisit every one of those documents, but rather have the option. Each one is a little snapshot of the memory of experiencing it, accruing to a homey warmth.

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Leonid January 2, 2010 at 1:17 pm

Dear Dr. Bourland!

On behalf of your admirers here in the Russia, I would like to wish you and your close ones a Merry Christmas and the Happy New Year!

Your achievements as a composer are truly impressive!

While your compositional talent is multi-faceted, you have alluded to your fascination with vocal forms. Your name should be made more widely known to the general, non-musical public here in the Russia. Writing a musical could be one way to serve this purpose. Just an idea.

I would also like to share with you, and your readers, the works of a certain Irina Gornostaeva, a young Russian painter, whose works demonstrate skillful command of the art of composition, as applied to the visual arts. I hope you find these to be of interest:

I know Irina personally, and have two of her works (including the famous “Arch”) in my home in the Moscow.

Dr. Bourland! Your insights into the art of composition, made available in textual form on this blog, serve a very important purpose, GLOBALLY!

It’s a bird’s eye view of a complex and intricate subject, offered by a genuine master –a helping hand to the aspiring composer, who is often facing a fierce intellectual struggle. This help translates itself into positive emotional feedback, from your readers back to you.

We will be awaiting new works from you.



Roger Bourland January 3, 2010 at 8:48 pm


Thank you for your very kind comments. It’s nice to know my blog has value to you.

I LOVE Irina’s work. She is brilliant and I shall keep up with her website. I may be in Russian next year. Stay tuned.


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