Schoenberg Gershwin Mashup

February 22, 2010

Maestro Sahar sent in a video response to the Gershwin performance a few days back. It’s really an entertaining mash-up between Schoenberg piano music and Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm.”

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Leonid February 23, 2010 at 12:57 am

Kyo Yoshida is AMAZING. The collage technique shows how fragmented our society has become.

The Western world is overwhelmed by gadgets, much like in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, written years ago. I’m amazed by Bradbury’s artistic intuition, everything from that novel has come true.

I read it years ago, long before the advent of personal computing and all that, in the Russian. I guess the Soviet state translated it to show the Soviet people what awaited the capitalist, bourgeois world in the not-so-remote future.

Ironically enough, all of THAT has hit Russia, maybe even stronger than others, or at least the contrast was much stronger (and we were supposed to have communism by 1980. Oh well. It didn’t work. “Sorry”)

In any event — I don’t know that Shoenberg and Gerschwin rhyme very well, although the effect of the collage is very powerful. I needed at least ten minutes of each of Llewelyn and Liquid Mind TaiChiReiki music to restore emotional balance.

Back & jazz: a better tandem IMHO. Unlikely companions, but we all know jazz musicians love Back (very difficult, of course, to conceptualize, Bach’s reaction to all this, even in theory; probably skeptical).

See for example:, Tu Conga Bach. Outrageous, but it works. Back is SO abstract. Doesn’t care about the medium, doesn’t care about the instrument, doesn’t care about the style (maybe). Only cares about the music. What a composer, truly universal!

As Ali Farka Toure once said “my music is about where I come from and our way of life. In the West . . . [it] is just entertainment and I don’t expect people to understand.”

Moscow, Russia

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