Duarte’s Love Songs gets premiered

March 16, 2011

Over the past four days, my new “Duarte’s Love Songs” was premiered at a small concert hall in a private home (designed around an organ by Greg Harold), in a modern church in Pasadena (good acoustics for a church), and at UCLA (not in a hall, but a carpeted public assembly room). It was fascinating to hear the difference in acoustics with Vladimir Chernov’s brilliant and powerful voice. The small hall couldn’t contain his voice; the church worked well; the carpeted assembly room worked surpisingly well. His voice is that of a seasoned opera singer. He can project to the back of a theater without a microphone. To be in a small room with him while he is warming up is deafening. David and I had to leave. At the church, V got his own room around the corner.

The audience response was terrific. “If this is any indication of what your opera will be like, you’ve got a hit” was said many times. [Now we just have to write it.] “The music just took me somewhere wonderful, and I didn’t want it to stop.”

The artistic director of Pacific Serenades, who gave me the honor of receiving the 100th commission, Mark Carlson, told me that he received a great deal of positive feedback on the piece.

Mitchell and I were thrilled to have a hit on our hands. The momentum is gathering.

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comporgan March 23, 2011 at 7:14 pm

Roger –

Thank you for the kind e-mail

Good luck with developing this into an opera. If you ever want to bounce back ideas about promotion fundraising etc, let me know. One of my teachers has done several operas and has done the whole process.

C Sahar

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