Why I love movies

June 15, 2011

Watching movies provides me with an instant escape from a hectic day. For someone who works all the time, movies can serve as a micro-vacation. I love movies that take me somewhere far away [escape] that happen in fabulous locations with fun actors and compelling stories. Although, like Stravinksky, I don’t mind watching B movies every once in a while. I love action movies, I don’t mind violent movies at all, and I’ve even learned to like horror movies from time to time. I’ve learned that if I’m tired, I’ll fall asleep for part of the movie no matter how action-packed it is. I’ve learned that I never “get” a movie the first time, and so it is worth it to watch the movie again. And if I fall asleep in part of the movie, I should not offer any opinions about the movie. (I confessed a disappointment with Alexandre Desplat’s Harry Potter score, but realized I slept during a good chunk of it. Now I like his music quite a lot.)

Lately, since finishing being a professor, I can’t get enough documentaries. I am so open to learn new things. And I don’t have to share it with anyone, it’s for me. It’s a thrilling feeling, loving learning.

After watching movies to recover from exhaustion, my body usually says: “ENOUGH! No more movies. Get back to work!” And I do. For today, I’m still on vacation.

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Emma Lewis Thomas June 19, 2011 at 9:21 am

For me, the radio has replaced tv & movies as recreation. (I once wrote an article on German “Hörspiele” as a teaching device, such a good way to engage the imagination!)
Roger, you will love retirement. Your creative life will open up in a way you didn’t imagine when all time was vested in UCLA. Projects just drift in from the clear air and set one off into a new direction. In the past dozen years, I’ve done more creative works than during the previous dozen – Like, I am currently working on a reconstruction of some scenes from Mary Wigman’s “Frühlingsfeier” [Sacre..], in which I performed as second soloist at the Stadtsoper in Berlin, 1957-8. Who knew that this would be “hot” now?
Can’t wait to get back to Montana, where my copy of the score with her notes in it currently resides.



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