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The story behind this one is: Matias, Jenny, Daniel and Roger were exploring the Languedoc region and were staying a half an hour away from Uzes, the city French refer to as being in the middle of nowhere. So we were on the outskirts of the middle of nowhere. We needed some eggs. It was […]


I just deleted 200 “friends” on my Facebook account. Yes, I felt a bit guilty, but these were largely past students: students who have never written me, emailed me called me or spoken to me since the class was over. Are those really “friends?” Well, they are in a sense, but do I really want […]


Who’d a thunk?

June 27, 2011

I’ve been in two masses over the last week. No, I haven’t converted to Catholicism. Paul’s funeral (see previous post) and a baptism of Lucia Esther, the 6 month old baby of some close friends. The service was held in San Francisco. A whole bunch of us rented a bus to go to Old St […]


Composing recharge

June 19, 2011

I make a point of having “down time” between composition projects. Recharging your batteries, tilling the soil, NOT thinking about music, and getting out of town. For a composer, this builds up an intense horniness so that I can’t wait to start composing. Well, tomorrow is the end of my mini-vacation away from composing. I […]

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Why I love movies

June 15, 2011

Watching movies provides me with an instant escape from a hectic day. For someone who works all the time, movies can serve as a micro-vacation. I love movies that take me somewhere far away [escape] that happen in fabulous locations with fun actors and compelling stories. Although, like Stravinksky, I don’t mind watching B movies […]

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On the other side!

June 14, 2011

Whew! My academic year is just a few hours short of being done. Courses done, final grades will be in tomorrow, last faculty meeting done, graduation and PhD hooding ceremony has come and gone, wonderful farewell parties to Roger were wonderful, and my successor as Chair is up an running and ready to go. Yay! […]



May 28, 2011

This is a busy time of my life: my final month as Chair, my final month before sabbatical, two months until be move out of this house, it is the end of the term, I have term projects to grade, grades to calculate, personnel letters to finish, friends to see, zillions of things related to […]



April 10, 2011

Where is Roger? When I am not teaching or being department chair, I do physical labor: I’ve packed 120-some boxes so far. A lot of physical work. I’m sore most of the time, but a good kind of sore. I’ve kept the book boxes small, so as to not get another hernia. Why? We are […]


Having three premieres in March was thrilling. It corresponded with the end of the academic term. Daniel went skiing, and Mark and I fled the city to Palm Springs, he to finish grading a huge pile of papers, and I to veg. As fate would have it, several “chair bombs” (crises that department chairs have […]


Busy time for RB in winter 2011. Let me catch you up, in no particular order. I have a widget on my phone that tells me how many days till my sabbatical begins. ———- Last weekend, Daniel and I went to San Diego (where he likely got the bug) to attend the NWEAMO Festival, sponsored […]