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Cool people

Uzesian cuisine

November 10, 2009

Mmm, I’m having a summer flashback. In our trip to southern France, we ate at home several times. One of the highlights of those meals was Jenny and Daniel searing a demi-lobe of foie gras, with salad, a lovely Gigondas wine, stinky cheese, French bread, and ham. That was lunch. Jenny was perpetually photogenic as […]


About Leon: that harmonic stuff

September 17, 2009

He was called “Leon” not “Leo” or “Leonard.” I made this clear with Pete and Deb who are debating calling their son “Leo” extolling my preference for “Leon” as in “Leon Kirchner” who died today. Leon was my teacher at Harvard between 1978 and 1983. I remember fondly our coffee breaks between classes; the composition […]


Arthur’s diary

July 24, 2009

A man, who I’ll call Arthur, died in 2006 at age 60, leaving everything to his mother. He was a professor of zoology. In the case that he died before his mother, which he did, his mother was to give certain things to UCLA. Some were earmarked for the Music Department. His mother died recently […]



My work, not me

July 14, 2009

Some good friends had dinner with Kathleen Turner last week. The conversation that stood out was KT relating one of her pet peeves: fans complimenting her. “OH MISS TURNER, I LOVE YOU!” (In a grouchy voice) “You don’t love me, you don’t know me; you love my work.” Tell it like it is girlfriend!


A raw, angry, and provocative must-see interview from XXXXX, music critic of many publications, who has seen the need for and income from his reviews plummet. Bloggers (I guess, like me, although I have no plans of replacing a music critic: they’d have to pay me to do that) are doing it for free. It’s […]


Yesterday, on my third day of staying home with the flu, I heard the mom next door trying to teach her son some Michael Jackson songs. “Beat it… beat it…. beat it….” Hmm, not sure what the rest of the words are. Let’s try another. “Thriller…. thriller…. dum dum dum da da da de…” Hmm, […]


A terrific cover by Neil Young of “A Day in the Life” with a walk-on cameo by Paul McCartney. Young seems profoundly moved at the end, almost tapping into the primal scream John so loved. He didn’t have the courage to smash his guitar, but he broke all the strings instead. It’s ok Neil, we […]


Alan Tower

May 31, 2009

Alan Tower and I fell out of touch for a while but reconnected this weekend. We have been friends since 1971, from the dorms in UW Madison and were able to spend five hours on Saturday night talking, eating, and playing music. He says I taught him guitar and was an early spiritual teacher as […]


Meeting Hauschka

May 11, 2009

Today Volker Hauschka stopped by to chat about an upcoming collaboration with me on a new film by Graham Streeter (of CAGES fame). Volker is taking the prepared piano into a new realm, and it is quite often transcendent, hovering, beguiling, pretty to listen to, and original. His career seems to be taking off. Seeing […]