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Loza blend

May 7, 2009

Today Prof Steve Loza visited our class to share is passion. Of Mexican heritage, he studied classical music in college, but wanted more and became profoundly curious to learn of his own heritage, and ultimately became an Ethnomusicologist, but keeping his feet in performing and composition. He spoke of the blend of indigenous, Spanish, and […]


Chihara today

April 23, 2009

Today in my “music theory” class, composer and colleague Paul Chihara spoke to us about working in Hollywood, and showed four stages of the evolution of a musical cue. The cut the director gives the composer that will have SMPTE time code on it and little or no sound, nor sound effects; a version with […]

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Meet Matt Alber

April 22, 2009

Matt is a real talent, has lots to offer and is someone to watch.

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Today I was invited to a graduate course in architecture taught by Visiting Professor, Benjamin Ball, of Ball Nogues Studio. Here is a sample of his work. He has a class of young architect grad students, working in teams, each pitching their vision of what the space will be. Casey Reas, the Chair of Design […]


Culture and catching up

April 19, 2009

On Wednesday I went to the opening of BELOVED UPON A TIME, a full length musical at Royce Hall with music by one our our graduate students, Adam Gilberti, who rose to the occasion a produced a wonderful set of songs. Having trouble sitting for long periods of times these days I only stayed for […]


Who is Gareth?

April 11, 2009

I mentioned that we are in Auburn, CA for Gareth and Jenny’s wedding. Who is Gareth you ask? Gareth Smith is one of the founders of Shadowplay Studio and an old classmate of Daniel. Of course you remember the Possum Death Spree series with music by yours truly: Possum Death Spree I Possum Death Spree […]


Wrap him in love

March 20, 2009

I mentioned that our friend Julia Shin died last week. As you might imagine, her husband, Tiko (27), is devastated. One can be strong in such life drama for only so long. When my brother died, Daniel and I went to spend time with the family: just being with them, we figured, would be a […]


Seeing Frida

February 23, 2009

Christopher Stowens found this wonderful video of clips of the real Frida Kahlo. Worth watching.


My brother Andy died this morning. Andy had cancer when he was 17, and the radiation therapy that saved him in 1971, slowly took his life away over the last few years. He checked into a hospice in December. That act alone let us all know he was ready. Even when he was at the […]


My composers colleagues may remember the famous COMPOSERS IN RED SNEAKERS from Boston. (They are still in existence I hear.) One of the founding members was Christopher Stowens, famous for doing the taped introductions to the concerts. He left New England a few years back and is living happily in Oaxaca, Mexico. I can’t recommend […]