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Death of phonebooks

September 5, 2008

The new phone books arrived today, three of them in a plastic bag. I went into the area where I keep phonebooks, took out the old ones and noticed that they had never been used. I tossed the old ones and wondered how long it would take before phonebooks go the way of Sears and […]

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In the word to the wise is sufficient category, here’s a song for the list of songs with only one note in the melody.


In the vein of FRIENDS, in case you haven’t seen this, here is a video you’ll never forget.


One of the great songs by the late Philip Koutev, a brilliant composer and choral arranger, is called “Polegnala e Toudora.” David Crosby turned me on to this amazing song in the early 80s. This appears to be a later performance of the song. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] “Polegala e Toudora” by […]


Glenn Gould’s chair

June 6, 2008

Brad Wood just gave me a delightful DVD called “Glenn Gould The Alchemist” a must-see for all GG fans. At the top of the documentary, Glenn whisks into the room with a small chair. It turns out that this little tattered chair (“a member of the family”) is and always has been his piano seat/chair/bench. […]


A fascinating poll on the Norman Lear Center website about the musical tastes of conservatives and liberals. I would be curious to redo this poll when all the baby boomers are senior citizens. There are many interesting conclusions one can draw from this information and composers would do well to think long and hard about […]


The Leningrad Cowboys

April 18, 2008

Thanks to Richard Garrin for bringing this bizarre find to the blog. You might want to line up a few shots of vodka and sing along. The Leningrad Cowboys is a Finnish rock and roll band famous for its humorous songs and concerts featuring the Soviet Red Army Choir. Currently, the band has eleven Cowboys […]


Start blogging Alan, you’ll be a natural. In fact, I’ll volunteer to teach you how. [Reblogged from LA Observed] Alan Rich out as Weekly critic Kevin Roderick Another local music critic down, not many left to go. Alan Rich, who is at least 83, was let go as classical music critic over lunch with LA […]


Here is a brilliant comeback by Larry David for those moments where you are trapped with someone shouting into a bluetooth headset, oblivious that s/he is annoying everyone.

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By and Gjertsen: Lasse With

February 11, 2008

• This “amateur” video drives me mildly crazy but it’s a unique entertainment and the process draws you in. This chap plays neither the piano nor drums. Does that mean that he is not musical? Heavens no. Computers now make making music quite simple for the so-called “non-musician.” Given the desire, most people should be […]