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LA’s musical past

May 17, 2007

I discovered a marvelous resource for Los Angeles photography, taken by photographers from the LA Times from 1920 to 1990, curated by the UCLA Library Digital Collections. I typed in some composers names like Schoenberg, Stravinsky, and a few other names but didn’t come up with much. I typed in Music teachers and found this […]


Millenium Park

September 19, 2006

If you’ve never been, make it a point in your life to see Millenium Park in Chicago. It is a sheer joy to experience. If I may point you to the park’s website which I can’t even begin to encapsulate, it is a well put together site that will give you an overview of the […]


“Chicagua” — I learned today that that is the origin of the word Chicago. We are here in Chicago for another wedding. Even though I was born here (well, Evanston) it’s as though I hardly know the place. It’s truly a great, great city. We have been staying in the ‘magnificent mile’ in the heart […]


Wine Country Wedding (2)

September 7, 2006

Damon and Jane got married on Saturday. Damon is a founding partner of ELECTROLAND, a designer, and has been a friend for the past 10 years. Jane oversees therapists of autistic children, is Korean-American, and has been a friend for a similar period of time. A high contrast pairing: tall, short; male, female; Asian, Caucasian; […]


Wine Country Wedding (1)

September 4, 2006

We are just back from a wedding in Santa Rosa, California, a beautiful just-inland community and the heart of wine country. We stayed in an excellent Marriott hotel (cotton sheets ALWAYS appreciated, well run these days) across the street from the Hyatt where the ceremony and wedding feast was to occur. Daniel and I had […]


Trip around Western Maui

August 28, 2006

Here is a map that shows the structure of Maui. On Friday, Mark and I went up the mountain on the right (Haleakala Crater) and you saw the pictures we took and heard the story. Saturday we decided to go around the left mountain. We had been warned the the road on the northern part […]


This is Maui?

August 21, 2006

I was shocked flying to the island of Maui yesterday. I expected it all to be green and lush, but saw, on the south part of the island, this kind of terrain. It seems the northern part of most of the islands are wetter, greener and cooler, and the southern part more desert like. As […]


Kauai Morning

August 18, 2006

Multi-colored chickens lead their hysterical chicks down the road. Steel grey waves crash on the basalt shore with dark grey clouds slowly becoming lit at the sun begins to appear. A man steps out of his door and walks to the beach. He looks at the ocean as though he has no control over his […]


Passion flower opens

July 18, 2006

Why is time lapse photography so interesting? In the case of plants, it’s just they look so ALIVE when they move quickly. Check out the good work at Plants in Motion. Here is one of their small video clips. [Thanks Ursi]


Smoketree in blossom

June 20, 2006

102º at 8 pm, Palm Springs. Cicadas screaming. Stravinsky’s “Petrouchka” on the radio, Larry sanding. Bike ride at dusk finds a smoketree in bloom. Photo by Larry Luchtel.