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Larry Luchtel

June 19, 2006

I’m making great progress on the opera, and I’m taking a break to introduce you to my host here in Palm Springs, Larry Luchtel. Larry has a new home here and is working hard to make it look even more fabulous than it already is. So I sit here and compose, and he works in […]


In the desert

June 18, 2006

I’m in Palm Springs today. It’s 110 degrees fahrenheit. Good thing it’s air conditioned. The pool is 90 degrees. I hope to finish my first chamber opera on Thornton Wilder’s “Flight into Egypt.” Burn a candle. Think hot. I’m taking the rest of the day off. So for the time being, while it cools down […]


The hippy wedding (1)

June 18, 2006

The Hootenanay: photo by Daniel Shiplacoff. This summer, Daniel and I get to go to some four weddings, people who are D’s age who have made the decision to settle down. Neither of us know Philadelphia, so when we heard the wedding was in Btown, we figured it was a suburb of Philly. We decided […]


Silver hair

May 9, 2006

I went down to a local cafe this morning. On the way, this was 6:30 am, I saw many people in their 50s and 60s out walking or jogging. Everyone in the coffee shop looked like college students with silver hair. A very youthful aging population here in Mill Valley. “Brick Crack” by Roger Bourland


Angus Whyte

April 23, 2006

In life, some of us are fortunate enough to meet people who truly love people, and like to introduce people to other people. Angus Whyte has been that person in my life. I first met Angus Whyte when he was working for Leonard Bernstein at Tanglewood in 1978. Lenny’s wife had just died, and Angus’s […]

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Photo by Roger Bourland Ride 4 Your Life! is a program that developed in my life as a result of overcoming chronic fatigue, self-deprecation, an injured knee, and ultimately, fear of becoming FAT. It became a way of life, a day-to-day application of putting my efforts where they would get me the best results, physically […]


Back up your documents

April 9, 2006

Photo by Roger Bourland My partner, Daniel Shiplacoff, tells all of his friends and clients: BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER! Last weekend, he decided to back up a hard drive, one that he had not backed up for quite some time. It failed the next day. Daniel’s maxim is that ALL HARD DRIVES WILL FAIL, IT’S […]


Photo by Roger Bourland Heart disease is the number one killer in this country, and most of it is reversible. Diabetes is no longer for the old, it is taking over our young people, and can be reversible if caught early. Diabetes, early signs of heart disease, and obesity are at epidemic proportions. And in […]


A wild bacchanal happened last night at the Moose Lodge in Burbank (CA): the Feast of Fools. James Hendricks, leader of The Briton Ensemble, is this year’s king of fools, and he has taken on the name, Magnanimous I. Very dark there, hard to get much in focus, and flashes were obnoxious. Nonetheless, here is […]


Photo by Roger Bourland. We happened into a marvelous circle of friends, a few of whom I’ve known since 1981, collectively known as “The Roving Church of Fun.” The group formed around Southern California Renaissance Faires. I first met Jim Kelly, who later became one of the Jims of Jim and Jim who were responsible […]