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Differing interpretations

November 29, 2006

I teach a seminar in electro-acoustic composition at UCLA. It is morphing into the first course of a three term seminar in film composition for our new MA degree. Jerry Goldsmith taught film music at UCLA some years back and when he gave assignments to his young film-composers-wannabes, he insisted that everyone work with the […]


Rhino Records has just released a 3-CD set of music by David Crosby that spans his career from the Byrds through his current work with CPR. The publication is a stunningly beautiful document lovingly curated by Graham Nash and Joel Bernstein. The first two CDs includes music from the Byrds, Crosby, Stills and Nash, and […]


The Reggae Festival

August 14, 2006

Carrie and Sally took us as their guests to the Hollywood Bowl last night. They bought a “series” — their last concert had been a Bollywood concert and the next will be Willie Nelson. Last night was Roots Rock Reggae Festival 2006. None of the four of us was particularly a reggae fan but we […]


I muse here in these posts in a kind of thinking-out-loud process. I’m writing a book on the music of Rufus Wainwright, specifically, about his own music. Rufus as a performer is outside my current focus, but it’s sometimes impossible to separate the two flames. Rufus Wainwright’s Judy Garland show was a success. There are […]


Photo by Daniel Shiplacoff. [Here are my notes for the 2nd half of the concert.] 1. That’s Entertainment! Great opener; Rufus comes on with tux and top hat. Rufus turns the camp on high — if you didn’t know it was gay pride week, now you do. 2. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love […]


(The gorgeous) Martha Wainwright: photo by Daniel Shiplacoff Julia Shiplacoff picked up Daniel and me from the airport and drove us home. We were glad to be back in LA. And what was playing when we got in the car? It was Rufus’s “Greek Song” from POSES. I melted. Forgive me Rufus, but I would […]


Photo by Daniel Shiplacoff. I took notes on many of the songs and will include them for those who are interested. FIRST HALF 1. Overture: The Trolley Song / Over The Rainbow / The Man That Got Away The tone is set for the evening, the overture gives us 3 of the most famous songs […]


Photo by Daniel Shiplacoff. Rufus Wainwright recreated Judy Garland’s famous 1961 concert in Carnegie Hall this evening in Carnegie Hall to a sold out crowd. The orchestrations were done by Billy Mays, Mort Lindsay, and Nelson Riddle and adapted by Jon Charles and Christopher Jahnke specifically for Wainwright’s voice. The 40 piece orchestra was made […]


Mike Brennan has a smart and thorough review of his take on Hans Zimmer’s music to the Da Vinci Code. He compares motives in the movie to other scores. (Hell, we composers quote ourselves consciously and unconsciously all the time.) Brennan calls the music “tragically beautiful.” He admits at the end that he hasn’t yet […]


Last night I happened into a ticket to Madonna’s Confession Tour. I must confess that I like a lot of what she does. This show features a neo-disco Madonna. Now 47, she works out 3 hours a day and she looks it. Her moves are not as acrobatic as the old days (whose are), but […]

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