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Rufus Wainwright

Two years ago, my brother, Andrew Bourland, and my partner, Daniel Shiplacoff, urged me to start blogging and set me up on a WordPress platform and away I went. It started originally as Red Black Window, or, and then changed to my name after the first year. The first name came from the name […]


Here is a live clip (FIP radio, Paris, France, Nov 17th, 2007.) of Rufus singing a new song about a childhood crush on a friend named Zebulon. A nice return to solo ballads that many of us have missed. I like how he shushes someone chatting while he is trying to start the song. I […]


What a cool find! Joop, of Rufus Wainwright Message Board fame, found a copy of Rufus’s first collection of songs: a cassette that his father aggressively passed out to people to help out his son. Here is the playlist: Side A 01) Foolish Love 02) Heart Like A Highway (previously known as That Night) 03) […]

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Cher Rufus, I hovered over your Judy Garland concert. What a spectacle! You are such a good boy, such a gay boy, and full of life and music. I cannot impose my old fashioned French aesthetic on you, so I applaud you Rufus. Bravo! Your old, old friend, Hector Berlioz PS: I snuck a peak […]


Rufus bids farewell to Judy

September 25, 2007

We went to the Hollywood Bowl with Frank and Terry to hear Rufus Wainwright’s farewell concert to Judy Garland. My longtime readers will remember that we attended the premiere of this show last year in Carnegie Hall. Rufus is clearly more comfortable with all these songs now days although I have the distinct feeling he […]


Berlioz scolds Roger

September 20, 2007

Hector Berlioz: Happy fall Roger, it has been a long time since we have chatted! Roger Bourland: Hector! What a surprise! What brings you here? Rufus news? HB: I trust you are attending his performance of the Judy Garland tribute at the Hollywood Bowl? RB: Oh yes, I’ve had tickets for a year. We’re going […]


I include this video as a kind of blog bookmark in my Rufus Wainwright research. It was captured by someone watching TV in a hotel room and filming it with a video camera. On the TV is Loudon Wainwright III on NBC, show not identified, playing with an unidentified duo (a black man on bass […]


Certain composers’ oeuvre can be thought of as one large composition. Each piece is cut from that large fabric. Composers that come to mind in this category are Edgard Varése and George Crumb. Similarly, there are songwriters who, in addition to penning a popular song, compose song prototypes (for lack of a better word), and […]


Cher Hector, My true nature as a hermit coupled with Rufus Wainwright’s hectic touring schedule has led me to the conclusion that I am not the right teacher for him. i am happy to hear that your opium habit is now in the past and would like you to reconsider taking him back as you […]

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I posted a video of a live performance of Rufus Wainwright’s new single, “Going to a town” a couple of weeks ago. Here is a YouTube copy of the Dreamworks official video. Robert Zimmerman has an analysis of this song on his blog, re: harmonized which you should check out.