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Visualizing ten dimensions

August 18, 2009


Darn cassettes

June 27, 2009

I thought it was peculiar that my fabulously new, hi tech Acura TL would have a cassette deck. I knew the end was coming for the audio cassette, but didn’t realize how soon that it would be. Today, I got out my trusty old Sony Professional Walkman cassette recorder, and for the first time since […]


A somewhat old dog

June 14, 2009

Today is Mark Carlson’s birthday — Happy 57th, Mark! He is six months older than I, so Mark gets to go through the experience before I do. As I expected, the not-divisible-by-five years are less notable. We agreed that reaching 50 was monumental, and now, we both see 60 not too far away. I don’t […]


Composer, professor, publisher, and Chair of the UCLA Department of Music, Roger Bourland was commissioned by Palm to provide eight ringtones for its new handheld device, the Pre. Bourland praised Palm for having the vision to commission “micro-compositions; not just phone emulations, or paid-for chunks of pre-existing songs.” Each ringtone is roughly 24 seconds long […]


Music as a Thing

May 20, 2009

I was saddened to see that two blocks from my home, the last sheet music store in Los Angeles, Hollywood Sheet Music, has closed its doors. Petelson’s days are numbered, so I hear. (Can’t they just move to an online business??) With Ralph Jackson and Mark Carlson at lunch yesterday, we wondered about the future […]


Yay Levitin! and XM Radio

November 18, 2008

I just picked up Daniel Levitin’s new book “The World in Six Songs.” A thrilling read and is truly coloring the way I think of music nowadays. Quite refreshing. I had grown tired of listening to our local classical radio station playing Vivaldi and Telemann all the time, and news just makes me nervous these […]

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Jupiter’s Ring system

September 23, 2008

A mosaic of Jupiter’s ring system, acquired by NASA’s Galileo spacecraft when the Sun was behind the planet, and the spacecraft was in Jupiter’s shadow peering back toward the Sun. (NASA/JPL/Cornell University)


LPs for days man

August 13, 2008

I have a wall of LPs in my office. It’s not that I am one of those people who insist LPs are better and warmer, I just don’t see the point in replacing them with a CD unless it has a skip or is defective somehow. I say this, but truth be told, my LP […]


Here is a brilliant comeback by Larry David for those moments where you are trapped with someone shouting into a bluetooth headset, oblivious that s/he is annoying everyone.

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