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I See You See Me

April 30, 2006

Barry Fox unearthed a patent application from Apple that has amazing implications: We could soon see a new kind of display screen from computer maker Apple – one that simultaneously takes pictures while showing images. The clever idea is to insert thousands of microscopic image sensors in-between the liquid crystal display cells in the screen. […]

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Tired of the piano?

April 16, 2006

A new device called the Monome features an 8 X 8 matrix of buttons. It reminds me of the analog sequencer modules from the early days of Moog where one can get a maximum of eight notes on one grid. It would repeat over and over (remember Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”?) like a loop. […]

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Back up your documents

April 9, 2006

Photo by Roger Bourland My partner, Daniel Shiplacoff, tells all of his friends and clients: BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER! Last weekend, he decided to back up a hard drive, one that he had not backed up for quite some time. It failed the next day. Daniel’s maxim is that ALL HARD DRIVES WILL FAIL, IT’S […]


Your hand madam

February 18, 2006

Some people find the veins in hands to be sexy. A bank in Japan is now using a scan of your veins for identification. I guess it’s better than an implant chip. What a hoot!


Beam me up?

February 17, 2006

Sick of flying? Train is out of the question? Car? you’ve gotta be kidding… Have you been wondering about the status of teleportation? To be honest, I have, and stumbled across this PDF in a Wired News post. The language is beyond my comprehension. I did see Uri Geller’s name at the end. If anyone […]