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The spirit highway

Franz Mesmer practices animal magnetism on a a patient while friends look on. [Here is the next installment in a continuing series called the spirit highway, about people and concepts found along the way.] Somewhere along the way, I read that it is a good thing to channel one’s own sexual energy into one’s higher […]


(Liberty by Nitin Garg.) I look back at my childhood as a young music lover and musician, and see that it was peppered with “heros,” “role models” (or so I thought), “cool people,” wayshowers, big brothers. These people ranged from local Green Bay heros like Jim and Lou Seiler who could do Byrd music as […]


Harry Houdini and spies

June 14, 2006

I remember a little room in the back of my father’s church that was filled with old books. No one ever went in there. It had the smell of burning books (from high acid content, not fire). I loved to sneak into this room and look through them. These seemed peculiar to be in a […]


The spirit highway

June 9, 2006

Whether it is that my father and great-grandfather were both ministers, I seemed to be drawn to the spirit highway from an early age. My earliest memory of odd spiritual inclinations was when I lived in Oklahoma, I was 9 or 10, my sister was three years younger. I remember we made an altar out […]

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