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FZ: I really got into studying IONISATION. I have found so much more than I ever did. I’ve typed up my analysis for you to check. EV: Hmmml… This is amazing. I never knew the piece had this symmetry but your argument is convincing. Yes, yes, YES! Frank, you got it! ANALYSIS by Francesco Zappa


Rosemary Brown was using my computer the other day. What a surprise I had when I discovered that she had left the browser open to the Akashic Records. Silly woman, letting a mere mortal like me have access to such information. Being the curious chap that I am, I started routing around. I clicked on […]


Here is Varése’s percussion masterpiece, IONISATION. Note every percussion instrument except for a kitchen sink. You’ll see the lion’s roar, and lots of sirens. This was Frank Zappa’s favorite piece. I’m not sure who the ensemble is but one of the readers says the conductor is Daniel Kawka. And I’d swear that Rufus Wainwright is […]


I remember Zappa

February 15, 2006

I was a fan of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention from the beginnning. Alright, I confess I lost some interest after “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow.” My father tried to dissuade me from listening to Zappa (I think it was “Hot Rats” — still a classic as far as I”m concerned). I especially […]


I’ve installed Google Analytics on this blog to see a variety of statistics. Rest assured I never know who is reading this unless you post, and only then if you’ve given my your real name. 85% of my readers go right to or (the latter forwards to the former). Following that majority, here […]