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Released this week, a new CD of my complete songs featuring Juliana Gondek, soprano and William Lumpkin, piano: FOUR QUARTETS OF SONGS AND ARIAS.The YouTube clip above will give you a little preview. The album is available as an enhanced CD anywhere you buy CDs, and as a download anywhere you download music. You may […]


Rojélio de Los Altos

August 14, 2013

Had I lived and been a composer in the 14th century people in the future might have referred to me as “Los Altos.” I bring this up as I was listening to music by Guillaume de Machaut this morning and after reading the useless notes on the Odyssey LP I realized I wanted to know […]


Sometimes I’m a bit slow. Two great musicians have been pushed in front of me lately and I don’t know why I never knew them before. Silly me. Peter Kazaras has encouraged me to investigate Bellini in terms of the way he handles dialog vs. arias. On the way I fell in love with a […]


Here are five versions of one of my all time favorite songs, Chimes of Freedom. First, Bob Dylan’s original: Second: The Byrds’ version (live) who made the song famous Third: Gene Clark’s version from ca. 1985. Fourth: Roger McGuinn revisits the song solo with his famous Rickenbacker 360/12 Fifth: Concert composer John Corigliano sets […]

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We have a very hip Dean in the Arts at UCLA. Dean Waterman shared this great YouTube clip on his FaceBook wall. Randy Bachmann reveals how that opening chord to “Hard Day’s Night” was put together. I took out my 12-string guitar and couldn’t get that F-chord with the G’s on top and bottom to […]


As I’ve been playing a lot of 12-string guitar of late, it was great to hear the master fool around on one.


Revisiting Madama Butterfly

December 11, 2011

As I compose my own opera, I am learning and revisiting the master operas. This week I’ve been studying Puccini’s “Madama Butterfly.” Puccini did five revisions of the piece before he was satisfied. The press and audience were less than enthusiastic with the premiere, but its second performance was a success. The opening of the […]


All there is is love mp3 Music: Roger Bourland Text: Paul Monette Jon Bailey conducts the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles (1983) Published by Yelton Rhodes Music, Los Angeles. Chuck White, recording Paul Monette heard the premiere of HIDDEN LEGACIES in Royce Hall and rushed up to me afterwords to thank John Hall and […]


Contrasting meters in dialog

October 28, 2011

I have been working on a scene where two gentlemen are having a conversation. In my first draft I had the first chap in 3/4 time, and the second in 4/4 time, thinking this would be an interesting way to contrast the two personalities. It didn’t work; not sayin’ it can’t be done, it just […]


This is an incomplete version of the song, but enough to hear how it goes. Buy the DVD for the whole meal.