Roger Bourland, why are you doing this?

January 29, 2006

In my imagination as well as in recent emails, I have been asked:

“WHY are you writing this book?”

“This will not further your career, and you will likely lose even more respect from your colleagues (contemporary classical composers).”
[Tough shit.]

Are you having a mid-life crisis?
[NO! a mid-life exhuberance!]

Have you dried up as a composer?
[Au contraire, I’m writing the best music of my life!]

But Roger, there are lots of other great songwriters, why not write about them?
[I don’t want to; maybe some other day, but for now, I love Rufus Wainwright’s music and want to write about his songs.]


In my next group of postings, I will be looking inside to ask myself why I really am doing this, and in the process, confess to my small group of readers some recent thoughts and dreams that may or may not make it in the book. You may or may not find these confessions of interest. For those wishing to continue learning about Rufus analyses or information, take a few days off while I ruminate and look inward. I do have a section in the book about my background and why I have chosen to take on this project at this point in my life. What will follow are sketches for that chapter. Thank you for your indulgence.

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