Book or Blog?

February 3, 2006

I have a friend who doesn’t read. Well, he reads, but only stuff on his computer. I know he has read books in the past, but these days he just doesn’t.

I find that I’m increasingly impatient with paper. I’ve stopped all newspapers although I have to buy them occasionally, as I have two African Grey parrots who put them to good use. I have my own list of news sources, blogs, and websites bookmarked on my computer, just as you do. I can watch DVDs, read, listen to music, see photos, search, ask questions…

With books, I love to curl up and lose myself in whatever it is I’m reading about.

But the “book” I’m writingnow, “The Music of Rufus Wainwright,” is something that would work better on a computer with a high speed connection. The luxury of being able to embed anything in the flow of your article, is so tempting to me now, it’s hard to go back to paper. I’m not interested in selling a DVD with the waffling Professor going on about something. A paper book with the attached DVD tucked into the back cover ain’t it either. It should just be online. Completely.

With my new book, I’m debating issuing it in installments on this blog — with, say, one per week.

It seems knowledge is free on the internet these days. Yes, there are pockets of online journals that charge, but so much content is available to us online, the cost is virtually nothing. When I see online resources like JSTOR, or, I am amazed at the amount of information available to us that is free. To that end, I am mulling over just making my Rufus book available for free. A friend suggested I put out a “tip jar.” Another advised me to put some Google ads in to help subsidize it.

I’d like your thoughts on this, and while you are, stare at the image of the puddle in the previous post and listen to the first of my “Arias for cello and piano” with Ron Leonard playing cello, and Antoinette Perry playing piano.


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