The Passion of a music lover

February 7, 2006

I am taking the liberty of printing an email I got from a new “Rufusonian”, pucks_soul. I relate to his/her obsession and thrill that this music evokes so much within us that it drives us forward to learn more. I love that music, and in this case, specifically, Rufus Wainwright, can call up such a desire to learn. There is a great lesson here for teachers: when the student finds something they are passionate about, all the rest follows.

I have been trying to fomulate this for a while now but I am not sure how to explain it. I have only recently been under the influence of Rufus. Since beginning on this quest to find all things Rufusonian I have begun to use his influence to stretch my limited knowledge base. First I read about the Bouvier-Beale’s from Grey Gardens (I have the video on hold at the library, it has been checked out since looking into it). I devoured Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice (Heim’s translation). I began going to the library almost daily checking out singer/songwriters so that I could broaden my knowledge but also compare and contrast them with Rufus’ writing/composition style…I am not musically inclined I only know what I like or dislike. This week I checked out Gluck’s Orfeo ed Eurydice from the Lyric Opera’s commentaries series partly because the Lyric is doing this work later this month and David Daniels is singing Orfeo (I think that he and Rufus would be a dynamite couple) and because I have never listened to opera before. Today it was Vivaldi’s Bajazet 2005 Europa Gallante CD/DVD with David Daniels, I needed to hear what a counter-tenor sounded like. When I first signed up for this board on Jan. 1 of this year I said that I did not think I would ever be the same after hearing Rufus’ music, I did not know how true that statement was. BTW I checked out four more opera’s in the Lyric commentary series tonight, I am a junkie. Did I say I was contemplating making a brooch for Rufus, god help me, lol…Anyway I hope there is room in your blog/book for the way that people are inspired not only by the music but by the man and how the mythologies/iconography he puts into his music makes some of us hungry to know more about it. I had to read up on the Lady of Shallot for pete’s sake, where will it end, lol

Thanks for doing this project and bully to your colleagues who would undermine you, they are just jealous of your dedication to a subject that probably scares the bajeezus out of them. IMHO.

If you have not done so, visit the official Rufus Wainwright website and bulletin board to read similar posts from people who have tremendous passion for the music of RW.

Photo by Elina Tanner; edited by RB

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