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February 11, 2006

I drive down Sunset Blvd every night and look at this huge billboard of some of our newest senior citizens: The Rolling Stones!

The Stones in 2005

And in case you forgot, this is what they looked like in 1965:

Stones 1965

And then I saw at a 2005 picture of Crosby Stills and Nash:


And what they looked like in 1969:

CS&N in 1969

Still cool after all these years…

And if you’re looking to buy some famous rock and roll real estate, The Joshua Tree Inn is up for sale for only $1.75 million. In case you forgot this little piece of history, Gram Parsons — formerly of the Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers — died of an overdose in this hotel.

Gram Parsons by Robert Altman

Photo by Robert Altman.

Gram had supposedly told his friends that if he ever died, that he wanted to be burned at a certain spot in Joshua Tree. Upon his death, one of his parents appeared to retrieve the casket to have him buried in the family plot back in Florida (or was it Georgia?) Cut to the chase: Gram’s body is stolen from the airport, and whisked out to Joshua Tree and burned (although, I understand, not completely burned) in the appointed place. This spot is now a shrine for Gram Parsons fans around the world. At any rate, the place Gram died is for sale. We stayed there for two nights. The place really had “a woman’s touch” in the rooms — and for my own taste, could use some testosterone (gay or straight).

Joshua Tree Inn

The Joshua Tree Inn (1950)

Joshua Tree National Monument is a place that is quite sacred. If you’ve never been there, go before you die. You won’t regret it. Yes, there is a long tradition of going there and taking psychedelic substances, but you can do it without them.

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