I remember Zappa

February 15, 2006

I was a fan of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention from the beginnning. Alright, I confess I lost some interest after “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow.” My father tried to dissuade me from listening to Zappa (I think it was “Hot Rats” — still a classic as far as I”m concerned). I especially love the early orchestral stuff (“Lumpy Gravy”) and the chamber music on “Weasils Ripped My Flesh.” But I must confess, I think Zappa could have used 3 years of college education in composition and orchestration, but as he was such a rebellious bastard, I realized that he could never bring himself to pursue it. Well, if Edgard Varese had offered, I’m sure he would have taken him up on it.

These memories all came galumphing back when I saw this great drawing of Frank Zappa at moonbug dot org and I realized what a marvelous artist he was. Frank, you are missed.

Frank Zappa

I can’t figure out what human is behind “moonbug dot org,” but whoever s/he is, it’s a great blog and they are a marvelous artist.

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