Alex Ross

February 16, 2006

As I’ve gotten to explore more and more blogs, and specifically, ones in music, time after time I see links to Alex Ross’s “The Rest is Noise.” So, over the past couple of months, I’ve read nearly all of his writing, and I must say, I love it.

Alex Ross

Author, oboist, composer, Alex Ross

Dear Alex:

    • I love your generous blog posts that range from highly informative haiku-esque scribblings to mammoth articles. I assume you’re “giving” that to the world, and I thank you.
    • I love the range of your musical knowledge, and the passion you have for it.
    • You have a scholarly as well as a naughty-little-kid approach to writing, and it draws me in every time.
    • You have an open mind for any kind of music and have little interest in categorizing music for the sake of “high” or “low” art.
    • You’ll likely beat me to writing “Boulez et mort” but I’ll give you a run for your money (Don’t hurry Pierre, we still love you).
    • You are truly a tremendous helper to many young (and old) composers and performers.
    • You don’t seem to draw pleasure from personal attacks when you don’t like a piece of music as some others do.
    • I love how I can glance down a short posting and see the names of Missy Elliot, Milton Babbitt, Iannis Xenakis, and Bob Dylan in one article.
    • Can we clone you and make you the head of NASM and have you rethink how we are educating our young musicians?
    • Then, can we clone you and have you design a program in some university where you can train the next generation of music critics?
    • I agree with you about Dr Atomic; and about Robert Wilson, and Dylan
    • I appreciate your generosity re: Babbitt and Carter.

    This is not a down payment for a good review, just a celebration of a damned good writer.

    Thanks Alex!

    ps: I never did figure out what “The Rest is Noise” meant…

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