James Horner’s score for “The New World”

February 16, 2006

James Horner (one of UCLA’s graduates in composition who never finished his PhD because he started working for Roger Corman) did a marvelous job on the score for The New World.

James Horner

My guess is that the director, fortunately, or unfortunately, fell in love with his temp music, in this case the opening of Wagner’s Das Rheingold that looped hypnotically forever, and Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.23 (2nd mvt). The Wagner was worth the price of the ticket. The Mozart got very tiresome: it’s great music, but it is NOT a leitmotiv that needs to keep coming back. Someone needs to teach Colin Farrell how to annunciate: jeez, he sounded like he had oral surgery, or mush-mouth or something. For that matter, the whole film had a kind of “stoned” feeling. It was very beautiful, great sound design, and everything, including the plot, kinda flows like the river. Go see it.

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