Rebecca Allen

February 23, 2006

My partner, Daniel Shiplacoff, had a very cool teacher during his studies at UCLA: Rebecca Allen. He went on to collaborate with her on The Bush Soul which was first installed at Art Futura in Madrid, 1997 and later at SIGGRAPH in LA. She disappeared from our lives for a couple of years and served as Senior Research Scientist and Director of the Liminal Devices research group at Media Lab Europe in Dublin, Ireland. She returned this year and we were able to spend a lovely evening with Rebecca and her husband, David over a dinner at our home. We hit it off well, and I wanted to know more about her.

So, I went to her website and spent some time seeing what she does and how important she has been in the evolution of 3D animation. Then I watched a video of a lunch talk she gave at UCLA in December 2005 about her career. Rebecca Allen is an amazing artist who has had a fabulous career. If you have the time, and a broadband connection, I encourage you to watch the video of her presentation.

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