American Idol? Fooey!

March 5, 2006

I confess to having watched the great American TV show, American Idol, only a few times. I’ve seen more excerpts of Simon’s blistering critiques than the actual shows. What I am baffled by is why the hell anyone cares what these three judges think? It seems that they consistently find the same type of singer for the “best” and now America knows what “great” singing is.


All they do in my view is continue to seek out a faux-Whitney Houston type singer over and over again. All tunes MUST be embellished a la Dame Whitney. No straight delivery is allowed. No original personalities need apply, fit into that silly trio’s mould of what a good singer is, and bingo!

God knows Dylan or Tom Waits would never get it, much less Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell or John Lennon. Hell, I have more fun listening to Shooby Taylor than another Whitney clone.

Let’s vote the panel off the show. Put in Barbara Steisand, Tony Bennett, and Sting. Who cares what Simon, Paula or the other dude think?




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