Teresina: Why We Don’t Exercise

March 24, 2006


Photo by Roger Bourland.

The number one reason we cite for not exercising is lack of time, and it’s true –– who really has time to go to the gym? The demands we put on ourselves, and the priorities of the day barely leave us enough time to take a shower.Is it practical for most people to get to the gym everyday? Yes I suppose, if you are an actor, dancer, model, athlete, unemployed, kept, or convicted (just kidding). We are all familiar with the reasons most of us abandon our prepaid memberships long before the contract ends: the traffic, the travel, the parking, the club, the card, the changing, the forgotten locks, sneakers, deodorant, the music you don’t like, the search for a place to stretch, and the eternal wait for machines. It wears me out just thinking about it! Hence, we have more guilt. “Bad me, bad me,” and more wasted energy. It’s this thinking that makes us unhealthy.

Then after deserting the gym, some of us go out and purchase fancy home equipment –– and we all know what happens to that. Sooner or later you’ll have a garage sale. Haven’t we all been to a garage sale and seen one of those monsters with a tag on it: “only used twice; Sacrifice.” Uh-huh. More guilt. More wasted energy, time, and money.

Tapes? They can work sometimes. But many of us get bored: the teacher isn’t good, or there’s not enough room in your home, as you bruise yourself bumping into furniture, or it’s too dang hard to follow along making you feel even more foolish. And because of all this hassle, most of us give up.

But with our bike, (your future body part), there is no fancy footwork, no kicking, jumping or dancing around on steps. There is no ankle or knee twisting, no pounding. You’ll find that it is much easier to concentrate. With a little awareness, you’ll take the pressure off the lower back, strengthen the muscles, and do abdominal work, all while you ride your stationary bike! This does not mean however that this program is “no sweat.” It requires concentration. It demands co-ordination and good form. You can constantly add to it without injury in order to keep it challenging, and by using the arms and legs at the same time, your rev up your metabolism.

© 2006 Teresina Sullo

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