Magnanimous I: King of Fools 2006

April 2, 2006

Magnanimous I: King of Fools 2006

A wild bacchanal happened last night at the Moose Lodge in Burbank (CA): the Feast of Fools. James Hendricks, leader of The Briton Ensemble, is this year’s king of fools, and he has taken on the name, Magnanimous I. Very dark there, hard to get much in focus, and flashes were obnoxious. Nonetheless, here is a pic of our fine King. The theme was bedouin, and a Middle-Eastern music ensemble accompanied two sets of buxom and full-figured belly dancers. The group sat in their seats, waiting for a chance to play, but the “DJ” was stingy with sharing air-time with them. They seemed truly amazed at the whole event. Two gave up and just started playing along.

Oh what a world we live in!

Oh yeah, there was an enormous head of an actual moose on the wall, and the fools put a lavender veil over its face. Too funny!

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