Shooby Taylor (II)

April 8, 2006

Shooby TaylorYou asked for him: he’s back, Shooby Taylor, the human horn.

Some years back, Rick Goetz and Irwin Chusid put together a website devoted to Shooby in hopes of finding out as much as they could about him. Even though they thought he had died, they called every William Taylor in the five burroughs in hopes of finding a relative, and actually found him alive in a senior citizens home in Newark, NJ. (See photo by Irwin Chusid to the left taken in 2002, a year before he died.) If you are curious, Chusid included a chapter about Shooby’s life in his book “Songs in the Key of Z.”

Today we’ll hear Shooby “sing” –– well, I guess that’s what you call it –– “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I’m not sure who made the arrangement, but it’s also fairly bizarre. But not as bizarre as ol’ Shooby.


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