Buying a stationary bicycle; my parents

April 15, 2006

My father, ready to buy a stationary bicycle, wrote me to ask Teresina’s advice on what kind of bicycle to buy. Here is her response (I’ve kept her e e cummings punctuation and poetic lineation).

Dear Roger’s Dad,

I prefer a good sturdy upright bike.
however, you have to work harder to support
the upper body.

the recumbent bike makes for a nice smooth ride
you still have to work hard,
but you have a back support

if you and your wife are going to ride regularly
and you might even put in tv area
i suggest the recumbent
but remember to not get lazy
you have to sit up straight
abs in!

by adding a few arms to your bike routine
you will work the heart harder
burn more calories
accomplish more at one time
(more conditioning)
and best, keep it from getting terribly BORING!

i’m working on a mini routine dvd.

feel free to ask more questions.

as far as buying one…
probably go shopping and sit on them
it’s mainly the seat comfort for recumbent
and tension for upright (sometimes tooooo hard!)

start with sears
or even a used one!!
don’t need to spend a lot.

hope this helps,

My Dad lives with my mom, Jo Ann, in Sun City West, AZ with two dogs and a great house, full of stuff that is their life, and stuff that they are slowly giving away, selling, or throwing away. He has two articles today that may resonate with some of you. One on “Good Friday” and one on wise choices in one’s senior years. He was a great protestant minister for 40-some years, first United Methodist, and then United Church of Christ. He retired some time ago and after urging him to consider starting a blog, he has and realizes that he still has a hell of a lot to say. And it doesn’t require preparing a sermon, driving to work, managing a church and all that that entails. Some of Rog and Jo Ann’s favorite pasttimes these days is sitting in the Arizona room, each with their respective laptops in their laps, Jo Ann playing one of her many solitaire games (a passion she passed on to me), and my Dad surfing the internet and working on his blog. They are voracious readers and usually have their instant messaging programs on so that any of their five kids can chat with them if they wish. Their children live all over the country: Roger III (me) lives in LA, Andy lives in Andover MA, Elizabeth lives in Surprise AZ, Peter lives in Minneapolis, and Joe lives in Omaha. I know they are very proud of us all. In the spirit of my post yesterday, I don’t need an authorized mothers day or fathers day to say: Thanks Mom and Dad for being such good parents and friends. We love you!

Roger and Jo Ann Bourland

“Eyes Closed: Rog and Jo Ann in Love” photo by Roger Bourland (III)

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