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April 16, 2006

The Monome: click here to see the demo.

A new device called the Monome features an 8 X 8 matrix of buttons. It reminds me of the analog sequencer modules from the early days of Moog where one can get a maximum of eight notes on one grid. It would repeat over and over (remember Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”?) like a loop. Well, clearly this gadget, which runs for around $500, has more than just notes that can come out of it.

“The wonderful thing about this device is that is doesn’t do anything really. it wasn’t intended for any specific application. we’ll make several, and others will make more. we hope to share as many of these as possible. drum machines, loopers, 1bit video transformers, physics models, virtual sliders, math games, etc.”

(Click the picture to see the company’s demo of the Monome.)

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