Barkin’s Hubcaps: NYLA

May 3, 2006

Here is Elaine Barkin’s latest piece of hubcap art, NYLA, which I assume means New York/Los Angeles, her two main homes. I see the Empire State building and a palm tree. A fab, single high heel, two ties, a yellow car, a couple of ties, and gosh, a lot more.
Her husband George has been in the hospital of late, so George, I wish you a speedy recovery; get on with your physical therapy and get home soon!


Oops! this just in from Elaine:

It’s the CHRYSLER Building, the car is a Chrysler 300C yellow cab, I retrieved the size 14 silver shoe from a trash heap in Studio City [figured it belonged to a ‘tranny’!], the ties belonged to my brother and on one I pasted a Chrysler logo, and yes there’s more!
Glad you like it!

Off to visit George.


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