Wrong impressions

May 10, 2006

I remember hitchhiking with Michael Shelby from Madison WI to Albuquerque NM in 1973. After going west on Interstate 80, a land that is so flat you can see a mouse scratch himself miles away, we got to a sleepy city just before all the mountains appear on the horizon: North Platte, Nebraska. What was interesting was that we stopped into a MacDonalds for lunch and everyone, I mean EVERYONE had blonde hair. It was a freaky thing, and a memory that stayed with me: everyone in North Platte has blonde hair. I’m sure this isn’t true, but that was the conclusion I made based on that experience.

This morning I patronized a different cafe: there was a line here, it begin a bit later (7:10). The 72-year old looked like a 72-year old; the 51-year old looked like a 51-year old; the 42-year old guy looked hung over. The woman taking my order didn’t seem to understand anything I said. [Was I sleep walking?] Needless to say: my impression of the good folk of Mill Valley has been updated since yesterday.

All too often we make important decisions at various times in our lives and never question them. I might have decided that such-and-such was true as an 8-year old, and as a 53-year old, I’m still living my life ruled by that decision made by a naiive 8-year old.

Last week I ordered a large dumpster to be put in front of our house. I didn’t want to donate the stuff, it likely wouldn’t have been taken; I didn’t want to sell it on CraigsList or eBay; or have a yard sale: I wanted to throw it away, and if possible, recycle it all. I filled it 2/3rds full. Now, every room in our house has a new sense of space.

[**large breath**]

Over the last 3 years, I’ve been doing the same thing in my own life. It feels really good throwing away physical, emotional, and spiritual garbage that have cluttered up my world. It feels really good to reevaluate old opinions, beliefs, and impressions.

123 by Roger Bourland

“123” by Roger Bourland

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